Jill + Colin - September Wedding 2017

I'm not much of a writer but I wanted to include something so I asked Jill if she wanted to add any words to this post and this is what she sent along.  

"We got married on Labour Day weekend - exactly one year after we got engaged. Our wedding ceremony and dinner were held in my parents’ backyard in Charlottetown, overlooking the North River. The outdoor venue complicated things a bit, especially because it rained until about 45 minutes before the ceremony started.

The wedding was definitely a team effort. We were married in front of an arbor crafted from driftwood by my father, a cousin sang at the ceremony, a close friend made our cake, and one of my favourite profs from UPEI officiated… the list of contributions from friends and family goes on and on!

It was a very ‘Maritime’ party; we served oysters, smoked salmon, lobster rolls, and potato leek soup. We tapped three kegs and had a literal boatload of wine. Our wedding photos highlight all of these special details that made the day feel very ‘us.’ Some of my favourite photos are the ones Kristy took of our reactions to the incredible speeches (she beautifully captured my look of horror when Mom displayed the kitten painting I laboured over as a child).

She caught our first dances on the back patio (complete with fireworks!) and joined us at our dance-turned-karaoke party at the Yacht Club. Our guests gave outrageously wonderful and hilarious karaoke performances, and we tore up the dance floor until we got kicked out in the wee hours. The night ended at China Garden with Combo As and the after-bar crew, as most great Charlottetown nights do."